Will of the Ninja

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HP: 500/500
SP: 200/200
CP: 200/200
Welcome to the training page, here you can train with other villagers to increase your prowess. Each training attempt costs 10 energy or stamina, gains are exponential, and experience is gained from each attempt. Below are some builds recommended for each class, it is entirely feasible to go a separate path, these are just recommendations.
Strength: Strength is used to determine the damage you do with physical weaponry/attacks.
Guard: Guard reduces most of your incoming damage, especially from physical weaponry/attacks.
Dexterity: Dodge rates are based on an accuracy vs dexterity comparison, training dexterity will lead to more dodged attacks.
Willpower: A high willpower will allow large damage with non-physical weaponry such as chakra based attacks.
Intelligence: Intelligence helps defend against chakra based attacks.
Accuracy: Determines your hit percentage, a low accuracy rating may mean missed attacks.

The ninja is a tricky class to play, tricky yet versatile. It is important to train guard, dexterity, and accuracy to ensure survivability while also dealing damage.
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